Responsive & holistic approach to pediatric feeding disorders in
the Treasure Valley.

At Whole Child Feeding Therapy we are passionate about discovering and treating the root of the feeding problems that your little one has as well as equipping YOU, the parent, to navigate the challenges these problems can bring

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Hi, We are Kristen & Kristen, a speech language pathologist and occupational therapist, who are passionate about all things feeding and serving families in Meridian, Idaho & surrounding Treasure Valley communities!

Welcome to Whole Child Feeding Therapy! We are so happy you found us. We began working together in 2017 at a pediatric outpatient clinic in Meridian, Idaho. We quickly became collaborative colleagues, as well as fast friends. While working in the clinic, we were entrusted to work with a complex population of infants and children. We specialized in the feeding development of NICU graduates, weaning from tube dependencies, and facilitating breast/bottle feeding skills.

We always dreamed about building a business that would not only support feeding infants and children, but also helping and empowering mothers and families navigate the challenges they face along the way. We work extensively to determine the root cause of the problems your child is facing. There is often not one single thing leading to deficits in the area of feeding, and we strive to collaborate with amazing clinicians and specialists throughout the Treasure Valley to explore all options, not just placing a bandaid on the issue. We have found over time that a multi-disciplinary team approach serves our little ones in the best way possible. 

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children, One is roots, the other is wings.” -Hodding Carter

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  • Prenatal/Postnatal feeding care

  • Difficulty maintaining latch

  • Milk supply issues

  • Transitioning to bottle

  • Coughing/choking during feeding

  • Poor endurance and/or weight gain

  • Tube feeding


  • Difficulty accepting solids

  • Difficulty accepting varying textures

  • Difficulty managing open cup or straw

  • Self feeding


  • Limited repertoire of foods

  • Anxiety around new foods

  • Negative mealtime behaviors

  • Challenges with exploring textures


  • Tethered oral tissues

  • Difficulty managing food in the mouth

  • Limited range of motion of tongue, lips, and cheeks

  • Frequent vomiting, choking, coughing during or after meal times

Nursing Newborn

What Empowered Parents Say

"I have seen significant improvement in my daughter’s relationship with food since she began working with Kristen.  Her knowledgeable approach combined with a personal connection has impacted our entire family and helped us to make more positive choices.  We are so glad we found her!"


Meridian, ID

"My son and I worked with Kristen Holcomb for his feeding therapy and were always impressed with her skills, expertise, and genuine care and concern. She is well educated and was constantly thinking outside the box and helping us seek solutions for challenges that arose. She was willing to accept feedback and did research to find ways to better help him personally with complicated situations.  He connected well with her engaging personality and loved her creativity! He enjoyed therapy with her which was very helpful! I appreciate her efforts also in helping me as a parent feel that I had the tools and help I needed to support him well at home."


Nampa, ID

Kristen & Kristen have been working with my son since he was ~7 months old, and he has made tremendous progress with his ability to self feed! When he started feeding therapy he had an oral aversion and wouldn’t self feed, and he even rejected spoon feeding. Fast forward almost 5 months he is putting everything in his mouth and his skills with utensils are getting better each week. I’m confident in the wholistic manner in which they have treated my son, and referred us to, and communicated with, other appropriate providers to further improve his mobility and feeding ability. They are very professional, patient and encouraging and informative; they explain things clearly and set realistic goals and expectations for their clients.


Boise, ID