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Baby Eating Food

Available Services

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  • Prenatal/Postnatal feeding care

  • Difficulty maintaining latch

  • Milk supply issues

  • Transitioning to bottle

  • Coughing/choking during feeding

  • Poor endurance and/or weight gain

  • Tube feeding


  • Difficulty accepting solids

  • Difficulty accepting varying textures

  • Difficulty managing open cup or straw

  • Self feeding


  • Tethered oral tissues

  • Difficulty managing food in the mouth

  • Limited range of motion of tongue, lips, and cheeks

  • Frequent vomiting, choking, coughing during or after meal times

  • Limited repertoire of foods


  • Delayed gross motor skills

  • Sensory processing deficits

  • Lack of postural control

  • Education of gross motor development to support feeding skills

In-Home Feeding Evaluation

This will occur in your home and will take 60-90 minutes. Both the OT and the SLP will attend and conduct a thorough assessment of your child’s skills. We will provide education to support your child’s needs. And build your confidence in implementing strategies and modifications.

Prenatal/Postpartum Package

Meeting with a feeding specialist/lactation counselor prior to baby’s arrival is beneficial for creating a healthy start to your breastfeeding journey. And we want that to be successful! We can create a plan that includes 2-3 prenatal appointments for education and instruction, as well as 2-3 postpartum visits to ensure the feeding journey stays on track. All will be completed in your home.

In-Home Treatment Session

Feeding treatment sessions will be 60 minutes in length. They will be completed in your home by one of the clinicians or both when necessary. We provide specialized treatment plans that help you and your child obtain the feeding goals established.

Pre/Post Tongue Tie Release Package

Children who require a lingual, labial and/or buccal tie release will benefit from pre and post operative care. We can provide a plan that includes treatment strategies leading up to the procedure and continued monitoring and care after it is complete.

Virtual Feeding Session

These are available when getting to your home is not feasible weekly. This is an option that allows the clinician and family to stay in close contact regarding progress and performance in between in-person visits. Education and strategies will be provided to maintain progress.

Feeding Therapy


Feeding Therapy packages can be created to accommodate your family’s schedule and financial path. We will work together to create a cohesive plan that includes a combination of in-home evaluation, in-home treatment and virtual feeding therapy sessions.

Fee for services

Superbills are available. We are out of network for private insurance, so all payments will go toward your out of network deductible. Reimbursement will come directly from your private Insurance.​

Families can utilize HSA/FSA funds to pay for services.

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