The Difference

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At Whole Child Feeding Therapy, we are aiming to provide a newer model of therapy for families. We are passionate about getting to the root of a child's problem. Traditional clinical models and insurance regulations have not allowed us to accommodate families in the way we feel is best. We have created Whole Child Feeding Therapy to better serve families with a more convenient and holistic approach.


We provide home care! Because we can offer a cash pay service, we have more flexibility to treat the child and family in a way that best fits their lives. This eliminates the need for new moms to pack up their baby (and possibly siblings) and travel out into the community for therapy visits. We can see the child within their comfortable home environment, which allows us to assess not only the child but the home too. Small adjustments to positioning and/or the environment can create big changes. Utilizing foods, plates, bottles, and utensils that are from the home, in the home, facilitates consistency for the child.


We offer treatment throughout the Treasure Valley! Kristen Holcomb lives in Fruitland, while Kristen Valley lives in Meridian. We know there are families from the east side to the west side who could benefit from Whole Child Feeding Therapy.


We can provide co-treatment with an SLP and OT! Children often have sensory and oral motor needs occurring simultaneously that impacts their feeding skills. One Kristen has greater experience with oral motor and one Kristen has greater experience with sensory. Our model provides us the ability to attend therapy visits together and eliminate multiple sessions for the child.


We can refer to specialized team members when needed! During our careers, we have established relationships with seasoned Physical Therapists, ENTs, GIs and dentists who can become part of your child’s team. Time and experience have allowed us to get to know others within our community who value the Whole Child as much as we do.

With this new approach, we at Whole Child Feeding Therapy have the unique opportunity to work with you and meet you where you are to get to the root of the feeding difficulty.