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The Process

It all starts with a phone call from you! During this conversation we can discuss the challenges you and your child are facing. We work with nursing mothers and infants/babies, bottle fed infants/babies, babies transitioning to solids, picky toddlers, oral motor deficits, tethered oral tissues and more. After our initial phone call, we can determine if we believe Kristen (OT) or Kristen (SLP) may be a better fit to evaluate your little one. We will determine the best time to come to your home and provide a thorough assessment of your child’s feeding skills. The length of time for the evaluation may vary dependent upon the needs of your child. When we leave your home, we will provide you with practical hands-on information that you can start to utilize immediately. We will also discuss our findings from the assessment. At that time we can create a plan to address the goals of the child and your family.


This begins our therapy process. Some children and families may need to be treated multiple times during the week or may need less frequent visits with weekly or eventually monthly education and guidance. Some little ones need the support of both the OT and the SLP, as well as possible referrals to other specialists within the Treasure Valley that include PT, ENT, GI, Chiropractors, Cranio-Sacral and others. We are here to walk alongside you the entire time to provide support and guidance throughout your little one’s journey.


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The initial evaluation will include a visit to your home. Completion of a thorough assessment of your child. Education based on your child's skills and needs. Guidance on implementing strategies and/or modifications.

60 Minute Treatment


After we create a therapy plan, we will return to your home on a schedule. We will stay and work with you and your child for the duration of the session to provide specialized treatment in order to achieve your feeding goals. 

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Prenatal/Postpartum Package


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We want your feeding journey with your new baby to be successful. Meeting with a feeding specialist/lactation counselor prior to baby's arrival is ideal for creating a healthy start to your breastfeeding journey. Our prenatal/postpartum package includes 2-3 prenatal visits and 2-3 postpartum visits in the convenience of your home. This will allow you to not only know and be prepared for complications that could arise but also creating and establishing a team to support you after baby's arrival.

Individualized Treatment Options

pricing varies

  • Consultation/Coaching Session via phone or Zoom

  • Travel and attend specialty appointments

  • Co-treatment sessions

  • Adjustable treatment times and frequency

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Superbills available for those with private insurance for reimbursement of services.

HSA/FSA can also be utilized to fund services.

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